About Us


BlunderCraft is a community Minecraft Server hosted in the UK.
We have an active Discord which is integrated with Minecraft, so you can keep up with your friends in-game while you are away!

IP: play.blundercraft.net


Server Features

The Hub gives access to Survival, Skyblock, KitPVP, and Creative.

Survival is our main focus, and there are custom written /help guides to help you get started with some of our features.

BlunderCity has plots which you can rent for whatever purpose you want!
Live on one, or make a shop. You are free to rent multiple plots.
You can of course set yourself up in the wild, our world border is fairly large at 30k so we have plenty of room. Remember to claim your land if you do!

You can get Ranks through economy, which earns reward Crates and some fun/useful features like extra Homes, UltimateTimber, Heads, Pets, and Player Warps.

Plugins include ChestShop, McMMO, Jobs, Towny, Harbor, and GriefPrevention.