Minecraft 1.17 Update

Hey everyone. If you haven’t seen, there is an awesome new update coming out some time next year: https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Caves_%26_Cliffs

This means we would need a world reset to find the new items, as our world is massive and almost 100% generated up to the 30k limit at this point.

We would have a smaller world border at first – probably 10k, and it would be expanded when updates come out to allow new features to generate. New world gen/items seem to be added with every major update recently, so I think this is the best thing to do going forward.

The alternatives are:

  1. Upping our current world border a bit
    The problems with this are that it would be difficult for new players to make their way out that far, and also some land was generated beyond the 30k border before it was set in place, so it would be unreliable.
  2. Multi-World setup with new world just for mining/looting
    This setup is just kinda messy and inconvenient for everyone and I’d rather avoid it, can be buggy and potentially lag the server, is also confusing to some people who may lose their builds when that world gets reset

Here is the poll: https://www.strawpoll.me/21052641


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