First look at the Survival server

Having been running for about a month, the projects on BlunderCraft are starting to show a good amount of progress.

Let’s take a look at some of them!

Survival Spawn

A flying view of spawn

It’s now looking far less cramped than before, with everything having been spread out instead of tightly clustered around the spawn building like it was.

Player Statues and Ranks Man
Vote Crates area

I do still need ideas for items to go in the OG Vote Crate, or additional Vote Crates. As always, feel free to hit me up with ideas.

We now have a Player Jobs Board!


I’ve been filling in the ~monster realm~ beneath the city, while preserving the lair of the Troll who dwells beneath what used to be the surface. It won’t be perfect, because I can’t fill the entire area using WorldEdit, but it will be enough to stop the creepy noises in the City.

View of BlunderCity from path

I’ve started putting more plots up for sale in BlunderCity, now that the first few have been rented.

BlunderCity Shop – Decorative Blocks, Tools/Weapons/Armor

The Shops are fairly well stocked on items now, and I’ve finally added every egg to the Egg Shop.

BlunderCity Shop – Heads, Food/Farming

Player Builds

We have some pretty interesting player builds coming along nicely.

Scarletevee’s area looks wonderful.

WorldGod has made their way to the top right edge of the world border, and set up digging out a massive hole.

They created a player warp called WatchBox so people can see the progress.


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